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skald oxydynamic fat scorcher reviews City beauty invisi crepe body balm reviews

InvisiCrepe is a beauty product. This is a Body Balm. A skin hydrating product. The firm behind this product is City Beauty. InvisiCrepe Body Balm. (Skald Oxydynamic Fat Scorcher Reviews)

This product actually improves the structure of your skin. This improvement is done at the cellular level. At the cellular level, this improves the protein metrics. This improvement in the protein matrix makes the skin healthier, smoother, and more shining.

This product improves the most fundamental layer of the skin. The improvement of the most fundamental layer of the skin ultimately improves complete skin structure. We do not know if this actually happens or not. But this is something which is claimed by the manufacturer of the cream.

This article is written with the intention to educate the user about this question. 

Pros and cons of the city beauty invisi crepe body balm.

Let’s start with the general merits and demerits of the product.

  • Generally, the customers have a positive opinion about the product
  • The Product is made of the ingredients that are generally known beneficial for the skin health
  • Adverse side effects are not reported by a significant number of users
  • The significance of this product among other skincare products has not been established.
  • the scientific study about the result of the product is missed.

The benefits of using City beauty invisi crepe body balm

  • This City beauty invisi crepe body balm moisturizes the skin
  • This supports the structure of the skin
  • You will get rid of the creepy skin.
  • The creepy skin is eliminated by making the skin hydrated.
  • This product helps you to get rid of it by moisturizing the skin.
  • It sports the production of the collagen this collagen helps you in getting the plumper look.
  • A competitive edge the product has over its competitor is about the process of moisturizing the skin.
  • This city beauty invisi crepe body balm actually eliminates the barrier in the process of motion skin. In this way, this provides a double benefit. The first is to moisturize again and the second is to enhance this effect by eliminating the barriers.

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How to apply City beauty invisi crepe body balm

The product is made for all skin types. While applying the product you do not have to worry about your skin type. The process of applying this cream on your skin is really very simple.

What you need to do is

  1. to take some amount of the cream.
  2. on the area you want it to be used.
  3. perform upward circular motion with the help of your hands.
  4. massage should be continued. Until the cream or the balm is fully absorbed in the skin.

Note: this cream can be used frequently. Even you can apply to Daily once on your screen.

Ingredients of City beauty invisi crepe body balm

A way to verify the claims made by the manufacturer of the products is to look into the ingredients of the product.

This product has three main claims all to all in the end improves the condition of the skin.

The first to hydrate the skin. The second it’s to sport the protein network on the screen. The third is the skin cell regeneration. The firm also claimed that this product is completely safe to use

We have chosen to analyze the functionality of the five basic ingredients. These ingredients are

  • Aquacel
  • DL lipids
  • Lactococcus
  • Extract of Oat Bran
  • Phenoxyethanol

Lactococcus and Extract of Oat bran

The functionality of these two ingredients is to increase the thickness of the product. Secondly, their effectiveness is direct in Linked with cell regeneration. These two improve the structure of the skin. The skin becomes more elastic and looks full of life. This gives the skin a bloomy look.

this to sport the functionality of the niacinamide and ribose. The niacinamide and ribose both are synthesizers of the protein.

These have the capacity to increase the production of collagen. It can improve as much as 54 %.

By analyzing the ingredients and their functionalities. This is somehow clear that the company may be true in the claims it made about the functionality of the product.

Is this really safe to use City beauty invisi crepe body balm

Now let’s look at the final claim of the copy that it is perfectly safe to use the product. The ingredients known as phenoxyethanol is the only ingredient that can challenge the claim of the product.

Some people with sensitive skin may have problems due to this. The problem can be mild reactions on the skin up to and including severe allergic rashes.

The price of City beauty invisi crepe body balm

The multiple price options are available for this product. The straight and the most simple one is to buy a 5 Oz container for the price of $60.

The second option can save you 26%. The price can be as low as $44 for a pack for you. This is possible if you take the membership of the auto-ship monthly program.

Customer reviews  of City beauty invisi crepe body balm

We have collected the reviews of more than 140 customers. We perform the content analysis of these reviews. The common findings are shared here with you. After these common findings we will also share some of the most helpful customer reviews for you.

The most common positive points repeated by the customers in the reviews

  1. Significant improvement in the skin structure has been observed.
  2. The essence of the product is pleasant.
  3. This improves the hydration condition of the cells.
  4. This cream does not leave the residue on the skin.
  5. Customers find this product more useful than competing products.

The most common and negative repeated comments by the customer

  1. the product is ready to be used for a longer period of time may be several months.
  2. multiple customers claim that it did not make any positive contribution to the health of their skin.
  3. The product is not economically priced and false under the domain of higher-priced products.
  4. The product for some users creates sensation. This sensation is found to be Really unpleasant.

City beauty invisi crepe body balm Reviews Index

  1. False bottom line
  2. Refund is not the way we wanted it to be
  3. The Pleasant experience Overall
  4. This product is not really a creep
  5. I was not accepting this
  6. Grandmother of 61 years
  7. The oval results
  8. Sensational feeling
  9. Till now this is great

Invisi Crepe body balm by city beauty Customer Reviews Detailed

False bottom line

This was the third week. The significant effect of the product has not yet appeared on my skin.

I was thinking of giving the product of their trial as I still have half a jar of The cream. Suddenly one day when I tried to apply the cream I found out that the cream had finished.

I will be of 65 years of age Read More
InvisiCrepe Body Balms cream is in my regular use. I have observed a clear change in the texture of my skin. The great improvement in the texture of the skin makes the people believe that my age is not 65. They said that they want to be like me in old age too. I think I will continue to use the product and even if I need to reorder it. I will reorder the product.
Refund is not the way we wanted it to be Read More
The InvisiCrepe did not work with me. Then I decided to return the product to get the refund of my product. To get the refund of the product the company behind the product wants me to return the jar. I have to send it back by the recommended service. The recommended service charged me £10.55. I bought the product for £77.67.
The amount I received from the firm as the reversal amount is £37.99. This means that I have received a refund but this experiment cost me £29.13 for nothing.
So for me, this is really a bad experience for me and I have lost a lot of money in this regard.
The Pleasant experience Overall Read More
The experience is really pleased overall. In terms of the felling for the skin and the smell of the product. The aftereffect of the product is good. My skin loves to receive this cream on my skin. My skin is more hydrated now and the crepey skin on the top of my face has been ripped off.
This product is not really a creep Read More
I have used this product for at least 5 months. The only difference I have observed is the empty jar. This is a complete waste of time, money, and emotions. This is the reason that I don’t recommend this product to anyone else after my bad bad experience with this product.
I was not accepting this Read More
This was not my acceptance but this is something that actually happens. This really took away all my wrinkles. My skin is properly hydrated. This is great fun for me to enjoy the old look of my skin. My skin is again moisturized and the crepey skin is the talk of the past now. In my opinion, this is the old
Grandmother of 61 years Read More
This is not the first time I am using this type of product. But this time it brought good results for me. The result started to appear really soon. I am now 61 years old and a grandmother too. But still my brain is fresh
I want to act like I am a young woman. Thanks to this product. Things are very much in my favor now.
Now when I look into the mirror I feel I am looking at a young woman’s reflection.
The oval results Read More
The overall result for this cream is great. I have observed multiple improvements in my skin structure. My arms’ skin is improved. I have less age lines on my face. But things are so deep. I think this will take a while to remove all these effects. This is the reason I have decided to reorder the product.
Sensational feeling Read More
When I first applied this cream on my face I felt a sensational feeling. with the passage of time the time duration of this feeling started to drop. For two weeks the things become normal. Other than this feeling the things are really great for me. The skin around my stomach and arms also improved because of this balm treatment. I am thinking about applying it to the other body locations too. This is due to the extraordinary results of this product.
Till now this is great Read More
This experience is great till now. It has been two weeks so far. I am thinking of continuing it. I hope this will affect me in positive rate

Final Words

Although the customer’s opinion is widely divided. Still, the majority has a positive opinion about the product. Moreover, the ingredients of the product are then claimed to be made by the manufacturer. Yet we recommend you have a meeting with the health professional before starting this product.


The reviews presented by different customers in this article are completely their own opinion. I as a writer generally and the website as a publisher particularly have, in either Case, No ability to influence the opinion of the persons giving the review.

We are not in a position to check the claims made by the customers. As we are in a moral contract with our respondents so we are not revealing the actual identity of the reviewers.