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qvc Plexaderm reviews

qvc Plexaderm reviews

If you want to know about the Plexaderm. Then this is the article. The reason is that this article has not written with commercial intent. The information till now you have received is maybe from a source that has provided you with the intention to provide you with the biased information. Here we don’t have any intention. So be sure to read this article till the end as this may be the best-unbiased article you get on the internet.

This article covers in detail these topics This comprehensive article is written to cover the multiple queries including The side effects of the Plexaderm, The ingredients of the Plexaderm. The price of the Plexaderm, The return policy for the Plexaderm, The independent reviews of the customers about the product and finally the concluding remarks about the product.

This heavily advertised product is claimed to be an anti-aging skin cream. The firm behind this product is Sheer Science. Let us find out how far this is effective steam as claimed by the company Sheer Science.

The Ingredients of the qvc Plexaderm

If you are looking for scientific evidence about the efficiency and efficacy of a product. Then start by looking at the ingredients of the product. If the ingredients are found to be effective for the said problem. The product can be believed to be effective so.

The most silent ingredients of this product are

  • Aqua the water
  • Magnesium aluminum silicate
  • Sodium silicate
  • Acetyl Hexapeptide-8
  • Yellow 5 & Red 40
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Ethylhexylglycerin
  • Cellulose Gum

Aqua the water
This is said that the human body is made of this compound in majority. This is a chemical compound and is inorganic in nature. This is the most heavily abundant resource available on the earth. Without water, the life cannot be even imagined.

Magnesium aluminum silicate
This is a popular ingredient for most of the skincare creams. It has been used to provide the skincare cream a thicker look.
This is generally considered safe to be used in cosmetic formulations.

Sodium Silicate
The pH level is needed to be tested in cosmetic products. Sodium silicate performs this job here. This also works as a buffer. Due to this the Plexaderm remains safe to use in terms of PH level.
Sodium silicate has the irritation potential but yet this is considered to be safe in the manufacturing of the cosmetic products.

Acetyl Hexapeptide-8
This ingredient is present in cosmetic products for skin restoration. This is really an effective ingredient but its effectiveness decreases due to its inability to penetrate deeper in the skin.
This has the mental capacity to tackle with the wrinkles. Even then it is good to be in the formula because it has additional properties of water binding.

Yellow 5 & Red 40
These both are used to provide the color to this cosmetic product. Both colors are perfectly safe to be used in cosmetic products.

This is a preservative. It has been used in many products related to skincare. This is a synthetic agent.
Usually, it does not create irritation. But the people with sensitive skin may feel irritated due to this ingredient.


Ethylhexylglycerin works in combination with the Phenoxyethanol.  This is not only our spotting ingredient. This has its own unique properties too. As a skin-softening agent. This makes the skin soft. The people with the potential to get allergies may get allergies because of this ingredient.


Cellulose Gum
This is a safe ingredient to be used in the product, especially cosmetic products. It has multiple reasons to be included in cosmetic products. Its ability to work as a thickness agent is one of them.

The price of the Plexaderm

The plagiarism is available from different sources. An amazing thing is that the price is different on all the sources.

For the benefit of our reader. We have provided you with all the details. the price from a different source and the price for the different packaging.

If you are buying this product from the official website. You need to pay

59.95 dollars for a single bottle. The price can be reduced significantly for you if you buy 3 bottles in a single go. In this case, all you have to pay is 119.9 $.

In case you have decided to buy this product from Amazon then you need to pay 64.95 $ for a single bottle.

QVC (website)

You need to pay 79.96$  for a pack of 2 bottles.

This is at your own convenience and decision. To purchase it from where you want.

Return Window

This product comes with the return window of 30 days. Be sure that  you are purchasing the actual one and not a counterfeit.

Customer reviews for qvc Plexaderm – Index

  • Under-eye bag treatment
  • Not as good as advertised
  • Failed in producing results
  • The effect is not permanent
  • The forehead lines
  • Good reputation but
  • 30-year-old eyebags
  • Bags under my eyes
  • Expensive and scam
  • I will be 70 next month
  • The smile lines
  • This works only for 3 hours
  • Too much allergic to handle with
  • This is the third time
  • Temporary fix
  • The only good thing

Customer reviews for juvetress revitalizing hair therapy – Details

1. Under-eye bag treatment

I have tried multiple things for my Android back treatment. But none of them were so effective. Secondly when I apply other similar products. This made a layer on my face and cracked. This does not happen in its case.

But be sure to follow the instructions first and let the serum dry. This anti-aging can stay on your mouth for all the day long once you follow the instructions properly.

This product is really very effective for me. In spite of this fact I am 50 years of age but thanks to this I look like I am 40.

2. Not as good as advertised

This is simply the advertisement that makes this product great. The bad thing is that I did not look for the reviews when I bought this product. I should have done this. The truth is that many cheaper products can perform better than this. No improvement for me and the total loss of money.

3. Failed in producing results

I was looking for the wrinkle cure. When I came across this product. The advertisement was so amazing on the television that I immediately ordered the product. I was thinking that the misery days are over. But actually this just began. It makes a layer on the face and drives the crusty fashion. You may even feel The crust on your face.

4. The effect is not permanent

I have used this product for eye puffins. It worked but not permanently. The puffiness of the eyes reduces but maximum only for one hour. After this it again appears. This product is failed to produce the permanent results

5. The forehead lines

This is really very effective on my forehead. It successfully disappears the age effects from my forehead.The area is clean now. I look younger. 

The tips to follow the instructions completely. Do not move the forehead too much while applying it. After applying it let it dry.

6. Good reputation but

Lots of good rumors have been spread about this product in the market. But it didn’t work as per its reputation. The results appear but only for 2 minutes. After that your skin will be back in the old condition. So this reputation is all false

7. 30-year-old eyebags

I have had an eyebrow problem for the last thirty years.

The hard-earned money

This is really very difficult and hard to earn money. Therefore I advise you to not waste it on this product. I strictly followed the instructions given with the product. But the Plexaderm has failed to produce any permanent results. The maximum duration of the result is only 10 minutes.

this is not a wise decision to spend your hard-earned money for the result of only 10 minutes.

8. Bags under my eyes

I have tried multiple products to solve this problem. One of them was effective but I cannot put it on my face during the day. My skin started to crack. Then I had about the Plexaderm. This is a highly effective product.

9. Expensive and scam

This is really a very expensive product. but this is not the thing you should worry about. The actual thing to worry about is that in spite of this fact this is an expensive product it is also a Spam.

10. I will be 70 next month

Next month I will reach my 70th year of age. Thanks to the Plexaderm. It has been three months by now. The results are so effective this is the reason no one believes I am 70 years of age now.

11. The smile lines

This is really a good product to handle the smile lines. When I apply this product on my face I feel that I put sand on my face. All the latest headlines may disappear but the muscles at that place are not strong enough now.

12. This works only for 3 hours

This product is Really effective. I have witnessed the positive results. The problem with these results are there it only remains for three months maximum

13. Too much allergic to handle with

The purpose to use this product is to get rid of the dark circles and eye puffiness. I feel strain under my eyes.

Moreover, as it is instructed that the most riser and the makeup should not be applied to the areas where you have applied

14. This is the third time

I have purchased this product for the fourth time. This really works for me. I have only one problem with this product. The problem is the packaging of the product. One-fourth of the product is still left in the product pack. The product packaging should be improved. Otherwise, the parrot is really well

15. Temporary fix

It works well for the skin under my eyes. But my neck area has not improved. Even the fix under my eyes is really very temporary.

The eye bags Aryan my jeans. This is something like a family tradition. I was thinking of going for the surgery. Suddenly I heard about this product. This is really very effective. The pod works and the eye bags disappear.

16. The only good thing

The only good thing is that it delivers the order really very fast. This didn’t solve any other of my skin problems.

The old packaging was good.

I don’t know if they changed the product with the packaging too. The product in the old packaging was very very effective. I could not find the desired results with the new packaging.

Final Words

The reviews presented by different customers in this article are completely their own opinion. I as a writer generally and the website as a publisher particularly have, in either Case, No ability to influence the opinion of the persons giving the review.

We are not in a position to check the claims made by the customers. As we are in a moral contract with our respondents so we are not revealing the actual identity of the reviewers

By keeping in view all circumstances let the final decision about the product should be made by your doctor or the dermatologist.

The positive changes brought in your lifestyle  can bring the youth back if not completely but maybe a little bit.


The reviews presented by different customers in this article are completely their own opinion.

I as, a writer generally and the website as a publisher particularly have, in either Case, No ability to influence the opinion of the persons giving the review.

We are not in a position to check the claims made by the customers. As we are in a moral contract with our respondents so we are not revealing the actual identity of the reviewers.