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Thyroid Supplements Dr Oz

Thyroid Supplements Dr Oz

Do you have thyroid deficiency? This means that your body is not producing the thyroid in a sufficient quantity. The thyroid is one of the most important hormones in our body. This has an important role in nearly every function of the body. (Thyroid Supplements Dr Oz)

The deficiency of the thyroid produces multiple problems in the body. By looking at some of the following symptoms. You will find out if you really have a deficiency or not. This helps you to find out whether you really need an external thyroid or not.

Symptoms you need a thyroid supplement

Everybody is the best judge for him or herself. This is the reason that we have suggested you look for these symptoms within yourself. These symptoms should be monitored by looking at the past three months of your life.

Brain Fog

Brain fog can be of multiple types. Forgetfulness, confusion, and difficulty concentrating are some of the most common conditions.


This is a natural process to get tired after work. If you have started to feel that so often this means that there is some trouble going on. A sign of this can be you feel that you are not as energetic as you were when all the energy level of yours drops 1/4th or half.

Disturbance in the digestive system

If you have started to feel the disturbance in your digestive system this can also be a symptom of a slow thyroid. Especially if you are experiencing constipation.


Constipation is another condition that may occur due to thyroid deficiency. The thyroid helps to create motion in the intestine. If the motion of the intestine stops then definitely it will stop the moment of poop.

Hair Loss

You are experiencing the hair loss real fast. The hair follicles cannot regenerate and grow hair in the absence of the Thyroid.

Usually, Feel Cold

Feeling cold in the absence of the Thyroid is quite natural. The body gets energy by burning the food. This energy is needed by the body to maintain its temperature. Once the deficiency of the energy occurs in the body. This is nature for the people with the deficiency of the thyroid to feel cold.

Dry skin

If you start to feel that your skin remains dry than usual. This may be a sign of thyroid deficiency. Skin cells need thyroid hormone to grow.

Feel Depressed 

The thyroid helps to maintain our mood. In the absence or deficiency of the thyroid, we may feel depressed.


Pain may occur in muscles, bones, and joints. The thyroid plays a very vital role in the strength of bones and muscles. This is the reason that the deficiency of thyroid causes the pains to occur in different parts of the body.

Irregular Periods

This condition occurs in the female. Too low a level of thyroid can result irregularly in periods.

If you have some of these symptoms and this symptom process for a longer period of time. This is the right time to consult your doctor. Mostly the doctor treats this condition with thyroid hormone pills. The victim started to feel that better in a couple of weeks.


Iodine deficiency is the most common reason for thyroid deficiency. This condition is known as hypothyroidism. It has been said that daily the 40% of the human race is in the danger of hypothyroidism due to iodine deficiency.

The human body does not produce iodine. We rely on the external sources for the iodine. This is not difficult to maintain the iodine level in the body.

Natural Way To Treat Thyroid Deficiency

Sometimes this may happen that your blood reports are normal. Still, you feel the symptoms we have listed above. Not some but multiple symptoms have appeared. Why not treat this problem naturally? So that you never experience the thyroid deficiency.

Be aware of the medication. Sometimes the medicine you take may cause thyroid deficiency in the body. Especially the medicines which make you sleepy and lower down the metabolism rate of the body.


Natural Elements that contain Iodine

Some of the best sources of the natural foods that contain the iodine in sufficient quantity are Soy sauce, Shellfish, Saltwater fish, Low-fat yogurt, low-fat ice cream, Eggs, and Low-fat cheese.

Natural Elements that Restrict Thyroid production.

Goitrogens are the food that lowers down the thyroid production in the body. Although many of you heard this name for the first time, it is very rare. Even then many of the natural foods are categorized as  Goitrogens. You need to limit the intake of this food if you want to improve the thyroid quantity in your body.

Some of these are Peaches, Spinach, Peanuts, Canola oil, Soy, Almonds, Brussels sprouts, Turnips, Millet, broccoli and Cauliflower are some of the food examples that belong to the goitrogen family. These foods should not be eaten twice a week. More than this may create a problem for you.

Increase physical activity

The best way to increase the thyroid in the body is to increase and improve your physical activity. The best way to do this is to do the workout. A 40 minutes workout in 72 hours will be enough. This means that you need to do exercise every third day. Remember this is the minimum amount of exercise that you must do.

Sometimes it is really hard to go to the gym or any other exercise activity. So we advise you to start this exercise at your own home.

Small physical activities with less strain will help you to start.

Thyroid Treatment Through Thyroid Supplements 

The best way to maintain the thyroid level in your body is the right supplements. Very famous proverbs that a stitch in time saves nine. The same is true to deal with thyroid dysfunctionality.

This is a step by step process to start the thyroid supplement for treating the thyroid deficiency.

First Step in treatment through Thyroid Supplements – High Potency for start 

This is to start with the process of starting the procedure of thyroid treatment. The first is to find high potency vitamins. Remember that these are not everyday vitamins which you find in general shops. You need to figure out these and to find these you have to put in the extra effort. The vitamins should be rich in vitamin B, D, E  iodine, zinc, x vitamin C and at least 2 and selenium, The Vitamin C should not be less than 2 grams.

Guggulsterone or guggulipids Containing Supplements 

Guggulsterone or guggulipids are known to be the best substances to treat the Thyroid deficiency look for the supplements that have Guggulsterone or guggulipids.

Other Substances

Other suitable substances are amino acids and Omega 3. These both are also known to be effective in the deficiency of the Thyoriod to handle the situation well.

Thyroid disruptors

This plan is recommended and suggested by the number of nutritionists. Even some elements of it have been actually discussed in the show of Dr. Oz, some parts not completely.. We are presenting it here for the benefit of the general public.

Failed Weight Loss Efforts and the role of Hypothyroidism

You are fat because you eat too much, You are fat because you don’t have an active lifestyle. These two most given arguments are not true. All the time. You may eat less but still, be unable to reduce weight.

Secondly, you may have a very active lifestyle but still, your weight is increasing and increasing. Despite all your efforts to reduce the weight. The weight is still increasing or is stable. This is the time for you to think that you may suffer from thyroid gland disorder.

These glands actually secrete the thyroid in the human body. Thyroid directly affects the metabolism rate of the person. The slower metabolism rate will result in an increase in weight. One of the most common reasons for the reduction of the metabolism rate is thyroid gland dysfunction. This dysfunction leads to the deficiency of the thyroid.

You can easily take the two-step approach by modifying you’re every day food intake to handle this issue.

Treat anxiety sleep disorder with vitamins

Step 1 – Reduce the quantity of the thyroid disruptors

The first thing first and this is to eliminate the thyroid disruptors. These are the elements which reduce the thyroid function in the body.  These are from the  Goitrogens family. Some examples of these are Peaches, Spinach, Peanuts, Canola oil, Soy, Almonds, Brussels sprouts,  Turnips, Millet, broccoli, and Cauliflower.

This is better to reduce the quantity of this food. Even so, reduced that you took it only once in a week. Always steam these foods the raw has the capacity to reduce the amount of the thyroid in the body.

Peanut and peanut butter 

Some foods must be avoided fully. A very prominent example of this is the peanut and the peanut butter. This should be avoided at any cost. No matter how much you love the peanut and the peanut butter. You must not take it if you are handling your problem of thyroid deficiency.

This is something which is really hard to do. Peanut butter is one of the most favorite food of Americans. But sometimes we need to give sacrifices. If you need to get out of this mess we should avoid the peanut butter.

Fish High in Mercury

High mercury fish should be avoided. If the quantity of mercury is high in the body. This will really affect the thyroid functionality in the body. So the fish high in the Mercury quantity should not be taken if you have the problem related to the low quantity of thyroid.

People reducing these elements in the food can sustain their level of thyroid with reduced Does of the Thyroid supporting medicine.

Step 2 – Thyroid picks ups

Thyroid picks up are the elements that really increase the amount of thyroid in the body. By improving their input Thyroid deficiency can be handle. You must take a meal in a day. That should be rich with the Thyroid picks up.

One serving of the food that is rich in Vitamin A

Vitamin A really improves the deficiency of the Thyroid by boosting its production. You can make a serving of Sweet Potatoes and tomato juice. This simple and tasty food is really rich in vitamin A. As long as you are taking the Vitamin A booster you can enjoy this delicious food daily.

One serving of the food that is rich in iodine. 

One serving of the food that is rich in iodine is the second superfood intake of the day to treat iodine deficiency. This super iodine booster meal can contain Seafood Spirulina, Kel. The usage of sea salt will definitely improve the amount of iodine in the body.

One serving of the Tyrosine enriched food

Tyrosine is a special type of amino acid. It is essential for the body, especially the thyroid gland, to work properly. The elements that can be easily included in the food and contains high amount of Tyrosine are  Low-fat protein.  This can easily be found in cottage cheese in the egg especially the white portion and the turkey Meat. This is really a good source.

One Serving of the food that is rich in Selenium 

The easiest to get of all. The richest of them is Brazilian nuts. This is important in the body for the thyroid to function properly and support metabolism.

Final Words

There is no alternative to professional doctor advice. In all of your health problems please seek advice from the doctor. He is the one that can guide you the best under the circumstances.

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