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Best Vitamins for 12 year old

Every age has its own unique requirements. You cannot feed a baby with the food that is used by a young adult. This is the reason that nature has blessed the babies with mother milk. The mother’s milk is rich in choline and DHA. Both of these elements are important for the growth of the child in the first two years. (best vitamins)

The part of the body which grows exceptionally well in the first two years is the brain of the child. When a child is born the brain makes 25% of the child wait. In the first two years, the brain develops 80% in size. At that time the DHA and choline help in the growth of the brain.

The twelfth year of age is an important one. The bones are growing. The muscles are getting power. This is one of the most essential years of a child’s growth. This is the reason we have sorted out the best vitamins for 12 year olds.

These articles find out the most suitable vitamins both for the 12 year old boy and for the 12 year old girl.

The best vitamin for 12 year old boys and girls.


Calcium makes the bones and teeth. This is a passion essential for 12 year old girls. The girls are the mothers of the future. They will undergo the process of pregnancy and breastfeeding. So this is essential for them to take calcium at an early age. Later the girls may suffer from the weak bones. The weak bones problem can be prohibited by taking the calcium.


The recommended dose of calcium at the age of 12

1300 milligrams daily is the recommended intake of calcium. This is true both for girls and boys at the age of 12.

Foods that have calcium

The Calcium is found both in the plant products and animal products. Milk and dark green leafy vegetables are the best known sources of calcium. Others include fortified foods and salmon.

The Vitamins of the B – Family


The vitamin B family has numerous vitamins in this. This performs multiple functionalities in the body. From the heart health to the metabolism rate and from the energy generation to the nervous system.

Some vitamin B family members are highly effective in skin, nail, and hair health. (best vitamins)

The daily intake of vitamin B for the 12 year old

The recommended intake of vitamin B for 12 years old kids is about 1.8 micrograms.

Food that has vitamin B

The Vitamins B family. Especially the vitamin B12 is found in animal-based products. The rich sources of vitamin B12 are eggs, fish, poultry, and meat.

The vitamin C

Vitamin C performs various important functions in the body. It acts as an antioxidant and helps the body to take the stress created due to the oxidants.

Vitamin C helps to create a specific type of protein that is collagen. Collagen is an important building block of different structures in the body.

Many minerals even present in the body cannot be able to perform their tasks without vitamin C. The reason is that they cannot be absorbed in the body. Iron is an important example of this. Vitamin C is needed by the iron to be absorbed in the body.

In some experiments conducted on the animals. It has been observed that vitamin C quantity also affects neurotransmitters. Dopamine and Norepinephrine are the affected elements.The food contains vitamin C
Vitamin C can be easily found in various plant products. Papers, citrus fruits, guava, and strawberries are only some examples. (best vitamins)

The vitamin D


Calcium is an important element as we have explained earlier. The bones cannot absorb calcium if vitamin D is not present in the body. In order for the calcium to be absorbed in the bones and become part of it the presence of vitamin D is necessary.

This is especially important for girls of 12 years ago. Later in life, the girls may get involved in chronic diseases related to the bones. This doesn’t mean that it is not important for the boys.

The sources of vitamin D
Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D. This is also found in the fish cord liver oil. In the yolk of the egg and in some fortified cereals.

The Vitamin E

Vitamin E also performs different functions in the body. It includes the improvement of the immune system. Secondly, the blood vessels became stronger and more clear. Listen proves the flow of blood in the body.

The recommended daily intake of vitamin E
for the boys and girls of 20 years of age, the recommended input of vitamin E is 16.4 IU.
The food that contains vitamin E
Vitamin B12 found in almonds, hazelnuts, and sunflower seeds.


If you want to take the food that is rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin E, and other important nutrients then you look for the food that is high in fiber.

In its true nature, the fibers are not the mineral or vitamin. As described above it contains many essential vitamins and minerals. The fibers also improve the digestion of the food.

The recommended intake of fiber
14 grams in 1000 calories is the recommended fiber intake. The kids at the age of 12 usually take 1500 calories a day. From following this ratio the recommended intake of fiber for the kids at the age of 12 is not less than 25 grams.
Food that has fiber
Oatmeal, broccoli, berries, and avocados, are the good source of the Fiber. Beans are found in many forms like chickpeas, pinto, and kidney beans. These beans are a good source of the other nutrients and minerals especially the Vitamin “A”.


Iron is an element that helps the body to perform different functions. The most important of them is the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. Without the appropriate quantity of the iron in the blood. The blood loses its ability to carry oxygen. Oxygen helps the cells to remain alive.

The requirement of 12 years of boys for iron
10 to 11 milligrams of iron is enough for the boys of 12 years of age.

The requirement of 12 years girl for iron

This is the age when the menstruating cycle of the girls starts. So the requirements of iron for the girls at this age are more than the boys. Girls need to take 15 milligrams of iron daily. In order to remain healthy.

Food that contains iron
The iron can be found both in the animal product and the plant products. As the plant produces the spinach beans and other green leafy vegetables are some of the examples. The rich source of iron in animal products is red meat and fish.


Magnesium is directly linked with cognitive abilities. These abilities are important for every human but this is particularly important for the children residing in the age group of 12.

This is the age when children are learning new skills. they are acquiring the new knowledge that is necessary for the future life.

Anything that stops their ability to learn may create problems for the kids. The deficiency of magnesium is the major cause.

The problem arises due to the deficiency of magnesium are

  • The child shows irritated behavior
  • Nervousness in the behavior of the child
  • Unexplained mood swings
  • Fatigue

Magnesium deficiency can be found both in boys and girls. However, this is more common with boys than girls. The important thing to remember while giving the magnesium to the kids at the age of 12 is that the excessive amount of magnesium can also cause a problem.

Zinc and copper

The deficiency of copper and zinc is known to be associated with ADHD.

A health condition known as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is related to mental function abnormality. People with this cannot focus on a single task and they can’t sit idle for a long time.

The increased intake of Zinc brought positive results in the learning abilities of the school going kids.

Omega 3
The teen is the age when different parts of the body are growing. The brain is one of them and is an important one.

The parts of the brain related to self-control, decision making, speech, emotions, and memory are enhancing in size. This area of the brain is particularly known as grey matter.

Omega 3 is an important part in this improvement. This is known to improve the performance of the kids in the school especially the issues related to the learning and the memory.

Microbiome and Probiotics

It has been said that the stomach is the powerhouse of the body. If the digestive system of a boy or girl is not working properly. He or she may develop several health conditions. The reason is that the supply of energy to the different body parts are associated with the digestive system.

In the absence of energy, none of the body parts is able to perform its function properly. The probiotics are known to improve the function of the stomach and the gut. Thus improving the overall health and condition of the digestive system. This creates significant goodness for the whole body.


The important element of lithium is present in large quantities in the mineral water. Unfortunately, this is not the case with our everyday use of water. lithium is known to be highly effective in order to treat depression and bipolar disorder. The deficiency of it may raise the conditions in children like aggression and violence.

A study conducted on children suffering from autism and their mothers has some interesting findings. The researchers found out that both the mother and the child have a deficiency of lithium. Another interesting fact about lithium is that the areas of the world like Greece, Japan, Texas, and Australia where the lithium is present in abundance. The suicide rate reported is very low.

How to take the lithium

The easiest way to take the lithium is to test your drinking water for the presence of lithium. Once the deficiency is found in the drinking water. You can easily add the little drops in the drinking water. This is the most effective and easiest way to take lithium.


Another important element. This element proves the presence of minerals in the right amount in the body. The minerals are present at the right quantity otherwise this will create problems. The excessive amount of copper in the body is associated with anger. Even some people with high copper found in the body show the symptoms of ADHD.

Final Words – Best Vitamins for 12 Years Old

By now you have known the best mutations elements and vitamins needed for your kid. The issue is how to give it to the kids. Lots of food supplements and vitamins are available in the market.  Some of those are in the form of delicious cms in cotton candies. Those are the most loved one by the kids.  This provides the needed vitamins and minerals to the kids in the most pleasant way.

So far so good. But this is not recommended for a lifetime. Parents have the responsibility to develop the best eating habits in children. This is something which is not possible if you develop a habit in the children to take their essential minerals and vitamins through everyday food.

No doubt that we need to take the food supplements in some special circumstances. Whenever we take the food supplements for nutrients and minerals. This should be necessary to consider that it must not contain artificial elements in abundance. Try to look for the organic ones that are in the purest form and close to nature.

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