drgugs Reviews Truly clear light therapy device review

Truly clear light therapy device review

Truly clear light therapy device is one of the many skin care products available in the market. How it operates and what benefits it is capable of providing. (light therapy device review)

Humans love their skin. This is the first introduction of ours with the outside world. The most vital and the biggest organ of our body. The skin provides protection and increases our charm in the light of others. This is always satisfying for us to see our skin glowing, shiny, and healthy.

We girls are really curious about our skin. We are born, our skin is in the most beautiful form. “The Baby Skin”. The shine, freshness, feel, and glow everything is at its best. With the passage of time, the time marks in the form of age singing started to appear on our skin. This makes us gloomy and we started to look for different remedies.

This “Truly clear light therapy device” is also the same kind of device. LED therapy has gained tremendous popularity in recent years but still, this is a new technology and we don’t know much about it. This article is intended to provide you with the most recent information.

What does led light therapy do for your skin?

This is the question of primary importance. Naturally, if I am applying the treatment on my skin I will be curious about what this will do to me. The simple answer to this question is that it helps in regenerating the cells of your skin. Different colors of light have different effects on your skin.

Who Developed the led light therapy for Skin

This may be interesting for you to know that originally this technique was not developed for the skin. NASA was the original developer of light therapy technology and it was used for the harvesting of crops in space missions. So as these helped in the regeneration of the plant cells. Later it is applied to regenerate the skin cells.

Types of led light therapy for Skin

Three different types of led light therapy for the skin is available

  1. Green led light therapy for skin
  2.  Blue led light therapy for skin
  3.  Red led light therapy for skin

1-Green led light therapy for skin
Green led light therapy for skin is effective in treating Melanin clusters and skin discoloration. This improves skin tone and radiance
2- Blue led light therapy for skin
This Blue led light therapy is used for the acne treatment on your skin.
3- Red led light therapy for skin
The red light therapy is used for the anti aging treatment of the skin.

Led therapy skincare

This is to apply different wavelengths of the light by varying different colors in the treatment of skin problems. Not long before when this treatment was available in the beauty saloons only. Now you can even do this treatment at your home.

This Led therapy skincare is known best for the treatment of the

  •  Acnes
  •  Inflammation Reduction
  •  Aging marks
  •  discoloration

Led therapy skincare Cost

The Problem with the LED skincare therapy is that you need to pay for it on your own. The reason is that you cannot pay it through insurance. You have to arrange the finances yourself. So the budget should be known to you. If you want it to take the treatment in a beauty salon or the facility. Then a single session will cost you a minimum of $25. The maximum amount of the single session light treatment in an office or the beauty saloon is $85.

If you don’t want to be involved in the beauty salon of the beauty clinic. Then your preference is surely your home. The home treatment can be done through Home LED kits. These kits widely vary in price. The minimum price is $25 and the maximum price is $250. The home Led therapy device can be even more expensive than this.

The Authenticity of the light therapy treatment

The treatments are established step by step. The light therapy is of no exception. The technology was first established for NASA. It was used for the plantation to enhance the plant cell process.

Then this was later adopted by the Navy. The navy used it to treat the wounded sailors. It was 1990 when the Navy first adopted this technology. Later it was opened for the general public.

The general public has adopted it and for the skin treatment and the treatment of the athletes are the two major areas. Collagen and tissue regeneration has increased dramatically. This is the reason that this treatment has been highly adopted and is popular among different therapists.

Red led light therapy for skin Procedure

This light has been used for the treatment of the outermost layer of the skin. This is one of the three lawyers of the skin. This lawyer is known as the epidermis. The red light has the ability to stimulate proteins. These proteins are of a specific type and are known as collagen. This collagen protein gives the skin a fresh, fine, and thinner look. This clearly reduces the wrinkles and age marks.

The other benefit of the Red light is that it can reduce the inflammation. Inflammation reduction results in the increased flow of blood. The increased flow of the blood provides more oxygen to the cells of the face. This oxygen not only reduces the harmful objects in the body but also treats the marks on the skin as an oxidizing agent.

Green led light therapy for skin Procedure

This creates a calm effect on the skin by absorbing it. This is specifically used to treat the spots of the hyper-pigmentation. Once the hyper-pigmentation is treated this will reveal the more glowing and brighter complexion.

The calming effect is due to the anti-inflammatory effect of the green light. This anti-inflammatory effect will increase the blood flow.

Greenlight therapy is typically found effective in the treatment of the circles around the eye especially the under portion. It reduces the Melanin clusters and finally deals with the decoloration of the skin

Blue led light therapy for skin Procedure

The Blue light is able to reduce and then eliminate the acne problem. Other than the acne problem The Blue Light therapy treatment is effective in reducing sunspots and even eliminating. As a result of this treatment, the texture of the skin will be improved and the fatty skin structure can be overhauled.

He aches are caused by the bacterias under the skin. Secondly, the sebaceous glands are the glands that keep the skin oily. This is the requirement of the skin to be oily due to the reason that it will save the hair and the skin both. But if sebaceous glands started to produce extra oil. Then the bacterias under the skin and this oil in combination produce the acnes.

The blue light therapy performs in two different ways

  1.  First, it reduces the excessive production of the oil
  2.  Secondly, this will kill the bacteria that cause acne with this excessive oil.

Self LED light therapy Procedure at Home

If you have purchased or intend to purchase the truly clear light therapy device. This means that you do not have the time to go to a beauty salon or the beauty clinic. You want to do the light therapy at your home.

Some facts must be known to you before you start this procedure.

The total time duration of light therapy.

  •  The total time period for the light therapy to be effective is 200 minutes.
  •  This makes a total of 3 hours and 20 minutes.
  •  Do not worry you do not have to take light therapy for such a long time period in the single sitting.
  • This time will be divided into 10 equal sessions of 20 minutes.
  • What you need is only 20 minutes for a day to do light therapy.
  •  8-10 minutes extra for the setup time.
  • So in any case it will not take longer than half an hour for a single session.

This is very less in comparison to the beauty salons in the beauty clinic. First, you need to reach there and then the weight. Both of these activities will consume lots of time. Moreover, you need to sacrifice your important tasks and alter your schedule. The results of this may take months to manage.so the procedure at home is more beneficial than the procedure in the beauty clinics or the salon.

Be sure to follow the instruction manual with the device properly. Failure in doing so may bring severe consequences.

Additional functionalities of the Truly clear light therapy device

This device provides additional functions other than light therapy. So in totality, the device can perform three different functions

  1.  Three different types of light therapy
  2.  Ultrasonic function
  3.  Galvanic function

1. Three different kinds of light therapy

Red blue and green this device offers the therapy with all the above types of lights. The benefits and the functionalities of all three have been discussed comprehensively.

2. Ultrasonic function

This is a type of massage. This massage helps the skin in absorbing the nutrients. This will increase the amount of nutrients in the skin. As the quantity of the nutrients increases in the skin this will help the skin to heal. In this way, this massage helps the skin to heal rapidly.

The second benefit of this massage is the decomposition of the waste. This waste is present in fat surroundings.

The third benefit is the improved functionality of the capillary vessels by supporting their structure and repair lymph.

3. Galvanic function

This function does multiple tasks.

  •  One is to remove the dirt from the areas which are not possible in normal conditions.
  •  Second is to remove the lines and wrinkles
  •  The third is to heal The deep skin layers by absorbing more nutrition’s at this level of the skin.

This Galvanic function creates an electric field. This electric field is created between the deep most layer of the skin and the outermost layer of the skin.

Although the oral treatments are available for removing dirt. But these treatments are not as effective as this to remove the dirt from the pores.

The removal of the fine lines and wrinkles is due to its capability of the procedure to increase moisturizer in the deep skin.

The instructions to use the Truly clear light therapy device

You may feel irritated or depressed by looking at the short manual provided with this device. The reason is there are no complications in using this device. The device is so simple to operate that a long instruction manual is not required at all.

So be happy and get ready to take the benefits of light treatment at your home for your skin. The light is very sharp so it is advisable not to put it directly in your eyes. The truly clear light therapy device is also equipped with goggles. You can put the goggles on your eyes while using the device. The right side of these goggles is that this will not let the light enter into your eyes.

The downside of this is that you cannot do anything else while taking the therapy. Some of you might be thinking of reading a book or watching the TV. This is something which is not possible due to these. Let me tell you this is good for you. If you remain in a calm and cool relaxing state of mind, the therapy will affect your skin better.

Final Words

if this therapy works for NASA and the navy this will definitely work for you. Irregular give it the proper time. Be relaxed during the procedure and you will get your results. As this therapy does not use UV rays still no harmful or side effects has been noted so far.